Saturday, January 11, 2020

Wall condition 'a traffic hazard'

Concerns have been raised about the deteriorating wall on the New Abbey Road being a traffic hazard, writes Brian Byrne.

At the meeting of Kilcullen Community Action on Thursday last, Celia Travers says she has had to move stones fallen from the wall when she was walking in to town, which were forcing traffic to drive over the central white line.

"This is particularly dangerous as oncoming traffic is coming around a blind corner," she said.

The wall divides the road from the upper levels of The Valley, and Noel Clare noted that some years ago it had been in a similarly dangerous condition for a long time, despite many requests to the Council to have it repaired.

"Then, in the days before Queen Elizabeth was due to be driven along the road in 2011, it was repaired overnight," he said.

Found money  Nearly there!

Royal repairs in 2011.
During the discussion, it was suggested that an invitation be sent to Queen Elizabeth to come again. In jest. Or maybe not ...

In 2007, a proposition that a footpath be built on Valley land behind the then deteriorating wall was discussed by Naas Area councillors. But it went nowhere.

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