Friday, May 13, 2011

Found money!


For several years the local tidy towns people and local councillors, and concerned individuals have been trying to get Kildare County Council to repair the Valley wall on the Milemill Road, writes Brian Byrne, because it was both an eyesore and a potential danger to people in the park below.

The matter was also highlighted many times on the Diary.

Through all that time the answers have been 'no, we have no money'. And the wall just fell into continuous further dereliction.

The Diary understands that a member of KCA was asked if anything needed to be done in Kilcullen prior to the Queen's visit to Kildare next Thursday. He replied that it would be good to have the wall repaired.

Before he went home, there was a Council crew working on the project.

Thank you, Ma'am.