Saturday, July 14, 2018

A wonderful walk for Pieta House

More than 300 people got up early this morning to take part in the Dawn Walk for Pieta House organised by Lorna Brophy and Richie Kelly and a team of always-willing helpers, writes Brian Byrne.

It was a perfect morning for the 5km walk, which once again took the participants through the beautiful grounds of New Abbey Stud. At the gates, each person took an electric candle-light for the walk through the grounds, bringing their own light to greet the rising dawn.

At a particularly nice spot with the Liffey flowing behind, Lorna thanked all who continued to support the event. "It's great to see so many young people in the group as well," she said. "That's what it is all about."

Marie Peelo, Deputy Director of Funding and Advocacy at Pieta House, said that those who take part in events like this are giving people the opportunity to start a new day. She said that while she was waiting for the walk to start, she could feel the sense of community involved.

"A community is a powerful force, and when a community gets together it has a very powerful impact," she continued. "On behalf of the 36,000 people who have come through our doors, I thank you for giving them the opportunity to have a better life."

Following a minute of silence for everyone present to get their thoughts together, Emily McGlinchey sang two songs to mark the occasion, 'Vienna' and 'Songbird'.

Tracy Piggott read a poem, 'A New Day', saying it was a particularly poignant morning for her as a very close friend had recently lost her son. The poem closes with the lines, 'For when a day's been troubled, and the night is dark and long, lift up your fallen spirit, for a new day soon will dawn'.

Back in Kilcullen, there was breakfast for all, in the light of a brand new day with the promise of beautiful weather.

There are still tickets available for tonight's Twilight Chorus concert in the market square, also in aid of Pieta House, which will be followed by a barbecue and music in O'Connell's Bar.

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