Saturday, May 20, 2023

Enjoyable opening of 'a garden for everybody'

The weather held and the mood was happy, and there was a lovely mix of people who turned out for the official opening of the Library Community Garden, writes Brian Byrne.
In a deliberate nod to sustainability, no textile ribbon was cut for the celebration, just a waving of small branches from older trees of the garden following the short speeches, representing the Library, KCA, the Community and Youth.
On behalf of the Kildare Library & Arts Service, Julie O'Donoghue welcomed everyone, noting that 'like the Library, the garden is a space for everybody'. She paid tribute to her colleagues in the Library Service for supporting the idea of a community garden, and the project leaders of Kilcullen Community Action for the vision and the work. "This was a bit of a derelict site with a lot of dirty things around it, but they didn't see that, they saw a garden," she said. The Suas Knitting Group also came in for appreciation for decorating the venue for the day. "Their creative contribution adds so much to anything that happens in the town." And the KARE community were also thanked for bringing their Daisy Crow to take up guardian duties in the space.
"I'd specially like to thank the dynamic duo of Ilona Brede and Martin Sheridan, who manage the day to day maintenance of the garden," Julie continued. "If I'm in to work and I hear the chink of a spade, I know who's in the garden. Their hard work and dedication is an inspiration to us all."

Cllr Tracey O'Dwyer described the garden as a 'hidden gem in the town of Kilcullen'. "I think a lot more people after today will realise it is here, and we'll see a lot more people sitting here having their lunch." She particularly thanked Derek Hoey who provided the initial design and put a lot of work into building it, and KCA for putting the money in to fund the project. "It is truly a community garden, everybody has done something to help make it happen. It is now here for everyone to enjoy, so thank you to everybody who has given this to us, the community." 
On behalf of KCA, Martin Sheridan expressed his thanks to all who had helped provide the garden. "It is yours now," he said to those present. "Come in and enjoy it. We'll keep it going ... and if you want to give us a hand, we won't say no."
After that, a special cake donated by Kalbarri Cookery School was cut, for everyone to enjoy a piece with their own family picnics. By Kilcullen's own version of the miracle of the loaves and fishes, it seems that there was indeed enough for everyone.
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