Friday, August 10, 2018

Damien wins at Wexford again

Local playwright Damien Aulsberry's 'A Memoir of a Docket' won best screenplay during the week at this years Wexford Film Festival, writes Brian Byrne.

The script was Damien's first, though he won the same award last year for a more recent work, 'Sons and Broken Noses', which also won in the prestigious Humphrey Bogart Film Festival in Florida. That script has since been made into a short film, shot last December, and in preparation for the film festival circuits.

In 2015, members of Kilcullen Drama Group performed a portion of the 'Docket' script, directed by Eilis Phillips, which was filmed to be part of an application to the Irish Film Board for financial support.

Maurice O'Mahony, Vivian Clarke, Damien Aulsberry and Dicky Dunphy, during the filming of part of 'A Memoir of a Docket' in the Town Hall Theatre.
The story is about a former killer has had the chance to get on with his life and believed he had lived it to some level of making up for his past wrongdoing. But now, because of it, he has been manipulated into doing one last job. "It's set in the present time, but is related to the Troubles," Damien told the Diary at the time. "It opens with a discussion by a group of former IRA leaders, who want to get rid of a colleague who knows too much."

"It is and always will be the screenplay closest to my heart," Damien wrote on his Facebook page yesterday. "Massive thanks to the judges for the award and honoured to have won for the second year in a row."

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