Sunday, July 15, 2018

Full house for Twilight Chorus 2018

The scene in market square before the concert began.
It is probably fair to say that there was nobody last night who didn't hugely enjoy the Twilight Chorus concert in the market square, in aid of Pieta House, writes Brian Byrne.

There were just two featured acts, the Kilcullen Gospel Choir and Mundy, and that was all needed along with the fun of being able to sit out in the open air.

"It could be somewhere in Los Angeles," one member of the audience said to me, and yes, it could have been anywhere that is used to having balmy summer weather and taking their entertainment al fresco.

Before things kicked off, Lorna Brophy and Richie Kelly thanked everybody involved, on behalf of their team who put the whole event together.

She particularly paid tribute to the 'army' of volunteers who came from all over the community to get the square ready for the event, especially when it came to transporting the more than 500 chairs that came courtesy of Cross & Passion College.

Noel Clare was MC for the evening, and also thanked everyone who had helped, and the audience as well for coming to support such an important cause. He also paid tribute to the work put in by the Gospel Choir under their director Lorraine Nolan, 'practising in kitchens and sitting rooms throughout Kilcullen' in addition to their weekly rehearsals.

Their first half performance indeed showed just how high a level of excellence the choir has reached in the relatively small number of years since it was set up. They literally glittered too, thanks to a full set of new poncho tops and necklaces worn by the ladies, sponsored respectively by James Nolan and Newbridge Silver.  With most of those 600 seats filled, and a significant extra number of people enjoying things from 'the gods' of the back wall and the bridge, they got lots of deserved appreciation.

During his set in the second half, Mundy gradually built up the audience participation with a number of his well known songs (there was even someone enjoying proceedings with the help of a drone), and the atmosphere got more festive with each rendition, especially as the light began to change.

He was then joined for the concert conclusion by the Gospel Choir, finally closing his own spell on stage with the 'Galway Girl' which had been repeatedly requested through the evening. Thanking all who had come along to be a great audience, he also touched on the reason for the event, saying that as individuals and communities we just have to accept that things can't be good for everyone all the time. "We have long dark winters, and we'll all get down days. We just have to accept that this is what it is, and deal with it in an open way, not in isolation."

Altogether another fun and magical evening in a great cause, successfully completed in Kilcullen. Well done to all concerned.

All the Diary's pictures from the evening are here.

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