Monday, May 07, 2018

Where were you, in 1982?

A big blast from the past, here's your editor in 1982 in one of a wonderful series of photographs by the late Tom Kelly, at a Kilcullen inter-areas athletics competition day, writes Brian Byrne.

The pictures, over 40 of them, have just been added to the new Kilcullen Nostalgia Facebook page set up by Shane McGrath.

The areas were Sunnyhill, the Town, the Brans, the Nicks, the Parks and Kilgowan, all of which names will be recalled also from the Kilcullen Capers, the last of which was to happen also in 1982 (you can download the radio documentary I did of it here).

I had at that time (and look at how much hair I had!) been working for the 'Sunday Journal' newspaper, and was about to transition into full-time at RTE News, for whom I had already been broadcasting 'It Says in the Papers' for some time.

A number among the pictures show my dad, Jim Byrne, presenting prizes.

A wonderful piece of real nostalgia, thanks to Noel Kelly.