Thursday, March 26, 2020

SOS Prayerline is open

In these difficult times one service the parish offers that remains open is the SOS Prayerline, which gives people the opportunity to put forward their intentions, writes Niamh Traynor. The SOS Prayerline is a listening and prayer service, it doesn’t give advice or offer counselling but does however give people an opportunity to share their intentions.

It’s a totally confidential service, intentions made will be offered at mass in Kilcullen church on Friday mornings.

The SOS Prayerline has been running since September 2019 and was blessed by bishop Eamonn Walsh. In conjunction with this service an SOS Spiritual Survival Kit containing blessed salt, a candle and holy water can be delivered by request to anyone's door. Simply call or text the SOS Prayerline number if you’d like to have a Spiritual Survival Kit delivered.

The SOS Prayerline is now open until 9pm tonight. Call or text 083 3377897. God bless you.

EDITOR NOTE: If you're out shopping or walking, do PLEASE observe physical distancing. If we're sensible, it will help a lot. 
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