Thursday, November 28, 2019

Kilsaran application to be refused by KCC

The proposed Kilsaran development at Racefield in Ballyshannon is on course to be refused, according to a statement signed by the Chief Executive of Kildare County Council, Peter Carey, writes Brian Byrne.

The statement seen by Kilcullen Diary last night says it is considered that permission for the development should be refused for four reasons.

— That the local road network is 'inadequate to accommodate the type and volume of traffic movement' to be generated by the development.

— That the applicant can't carry out 'the necessary Highway Safety Measures' for the local roads to accommodate the increased HGV traffic.

— That the proposal would 'seriously injure the amenities of properties in the vicinity', by reason of dust, traffic and general disturbance, would depreciate the value of properties in the area, and would materially contravene policies of the Kildare County Development Plan 2017-2023.

— That the applicant has not demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Planning Authority that the rivers Nore and Barrow 'will not be adversely affected' by the proposed development.

The Council's Roads, Transportation and Public Safety Department had earlier recommended refusal of the application on traffic hazard and public safety grounds, and on 'deficiencies in the infrastructure for Vulnerable Road Users travelling to and from Ballyshannon NS'.

The department's assessment says it has 'serious concerns' about the increase in turning movements by vehicles related to the development at the junction near the school, which would 'lead to a traffic hazard to road users'. The report also says the applicant's road safety audit did not 'adequately consider or mitigate' the effects of the development on children travelling to and from the school, and that the HGV figures in the applicant's environmental impact assessment are 'underestimated'. The department also noted the 'substandard' local roads and inadequate width of their pavement.

The Council's Heritage Officer in her report noted that the impact of the proposed development on the potential of Dun Ailinne attaining World Heritage Status would have to be assessed by an expert in such matters.

UPDATE (Mid-Morning): The refusal was subsequently confirmed.

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