Sunday, November 03, 2019

Julie setting up 'Jolly French' course for children in Kilcullen

A Kilcullen woman who left her native France to au-pair in Ireland for a year back in 1998 is setting up a French language course for young children here from January, writes Brian Byrne.

Julie Rouyer will be using a proven and successful system developed over 30 years, La Jolie Ronde. With games, story-telling, songs and other activities in lunchtime and after-school classes, children from toddlers to 12 are immersed in everyday features of French life and language.

"La Jolie Ronde is unique," Julie says. "It's not just learning a second language, but introduces children to the everyday realities of the country and the culture of France."

When Julie's original one-year au-pair contract ended, she had become so much in love with Ireland and its people that 'I never left'. With her partner Eamonn, she bought a house in Kilcullen in 2004. "I was immediately blown away by the sense of community, from the baby and toddler group to KCCEC. As our family expanded so did my circle of friends and I can truly say I belong here now."

When the twinning with St Contest was announced last year Julie was excited at the opportunity to combine her heritage with her love for Ireland. "Meeting with mayor Stephanie and her team gave me the kick start I needed to enquire about the La Jolie Ronde franchise."

Lessons are usually based on a 12-week module, one day a week, and are divided by age group. Julie is currently in the middle of training with the system, and is exploring local levels of interest through a Facebook page Jolly French Kilcullen. Further information is available from, and by going to the national website

The La Jolie Ronde system can be extended to secondary school students, and there is also a Spanish language option.

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