Monday, March 11, 2019

Billy has a thought on a bridge over Pinkeen

In relation to the recent item on our local Pinkeen stream, at long last it would seem that something is likely to be done to rectify this dangerous crossing, writes Billy Redmond.

Like many other things, I have mentioned it many times over years to locals in the area and so on, and even offered to contribute to any fund to have this need attended to. Well, after all, since I am in that area every other day I notice quite a few crossing the stream.

So, why do I have such interest? Well, I am a local for a long number of years, and Kilcullen is also my town and I would have quite a knowledge of the history of that area. Also, I spent much of my youth collecting firewood in the 'green field' area that is now Cnoc na Greine housing estate.

Before I go any further, well done to Joe, Noel, and all concerned in the ongoing efforts to upgrade this particular waterway area, which leads up to our terrific sports grounds etc.

Bearing in mind recent comments about the said stream by Cllr Hillis and others … I do think a crossing will happen. No doubt it will be, or should be, a timber decorative and practical structure. When it is completed, I believe it should be named after the area's most famous resident, the one and only Arthur Tapley.

Arthur lived just opposite the entrance to Cnoc na Greine on the Sunnyhill Road many years ago, and was a noted storyteller in his day. Of Maltese origin, his father was a British soldier. I was in Arthur's house on several occasions, and still have many of his stories. He is part of the heritage of Kilcullen, and who else could the bridge be named after?

When this little bridge comes 'on stream' no doubt there will be an opening ceremony with various VIPs, but I hope it will be a local who will be asked to do the honours on this occasion.

Hopefully the the Cnoc na Greine Residents Association will appreciate the foregoing bit of history, which many in that area may not be aware of.

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