Monday, August 13, 2018

Vintage cars wanted for Kildare film shoot

Mk III Ford Cortina, photo by Charles01.
Do you remember the 1970s Ford Cortina and Escort? writes Brian Byrne. And by any chance do you have one still as your vintage pride and joy?

Ford Escort, photo by Mr.choppers.
Well, any cars from that period and into the 1980s have a chance of immortality next month if their owners contact film-maker and writer Ferdia MacAnna (Twitter @FerdiaMacAnna) who needs some of these cars for a film he's shooting in September in County Kildare.

The movie is a 'romcom' called 'Danny Boy', set in that time period, and all makes and models will be useful.

Morris Marina, pic by Allen Watkin.
So let's think of a few others. The Mini was still there, already an 11-year veteran. The Morris Marina that was expected to be the saviour of British Leyland but failed. The Vauxhall Viva, of which this writer owned at the time two (in succession).

Austin Allegro, pic by Charles01.
The Morris 1100/1300 was still soldiering on, though far from its top-selling performance in the 1960s. Another British Leyland inglorious failure, the Austin Allegro. Then there was the to be phenomenally successful Ford Capri, and the steady seller Hillman Avenger. And does anyone remember the 'giant land crab', the Austin Maxi?

Enough. If you still own and drive any of the above, or anything else from the period — there were Opels and Jaguars and many others — give Ferdia a call.

Expenses will be paid, but it could be worth it just for the craic.

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