Monday, July 16, 2018

Outdoor gym equipment officially launched

Jenny Murphy cuts the ribbon on the outdoor gym, in the presence of Mayor of Naas MD Cllr Rob Power, and members of Kilcullen Lions and the management of Kilcullen Community Centre.
"It's small things like this that can make a big difference over time for people, encouraging them to go out and helping them put their best foot forward."

International rugby star Jenny Murphy was very much in favour of the new outdoor gym equipment installed at the Community Centre campus, when she cut a tape to 'open' it yesterday, writes Brian Byrne. The installation was a long-term project by Kilcullen Lions Club.

Jenny recalled that it was the support she got in Kilcullen to play sports which was part of why she was able to reach a level that she had never thought she could.

The function was held in the presence of the Mayor of Naas Municipal District, Cllr Rob Power, who commended the community spirit which had driven the project on over the years since it was first mooted.

"So many such projects are community driven, and without someone local driving them they just wouldn't happen," he said, and singled out the perseverance of Kilcullen Lions member Darragh Fitzgerald that resulted in the project being implemented. The money was provided from the Local Property Tax, he noted, which was locally-paid money coming back locally.

Cllr Power also gave credit to the officials in Kildare County Council for working to supply the equipment, especially Simon Wallace of the Council's Parks Department, 'who is dealing with a very busy schedule, with a skeleton staff'.

For his part, Darragh Fitzgerald said that while people might think the equipment 'just suddenly came from nowhere', it was through four years of work, and the cooperation of the Council and the management of the Community Centre which had brought it about. He thanked all concerned, especially Cllr Power, and the committee of the Centre for allowing the equipment to be placed there.

"Also, the Council met the full cost of the installation, which was great as we had initially thought that some Lions Club money would be needed."

The current President of Kilcullen Lions, Conor Williams, thanked Darragh for his hard work, and said he was very pleased to hear that people are already using the equipment 'quite a lot'.

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