Saturday, June 02, 2018

Kilcullen looking fresh

Good to see a lot of freshening up going on around Kilcullen, a sure sign that summer has arrived and every painter in town is being put under pressure, writes Brian Byrne.

Have to say that The Hideout is looking really well now that the painting is finished, and the details of lighting and signage are now completed, and the flags look very fresh too.

Outside Ladbroke's, though, we're still waiting for Applegreen to do something about the pump their delivery truck knocked down 15 months ago. The cone that covers the base (when it hasn't been kicked around) really doesn't look good. Maybe if we painted it in Applegreen livery? Look guys, Kilcullen gives you pretty good business, so let's get something back to the community from you ... especially since you broke it.

The Garda Station is undergoing an extensive fix up to the exterior, with the windows being refurbished as well as a full paint job under way. Billy Redmond thinks that is one of the architectural gems on this end of town, and he'll be glad to see it being sorted.

I saw Ber Coleman doing some clean-up on Berneys Chemists sign, so I expect there's a bit of work going on there too. Over the bridge, Mary Masterson has done a nice paint job on the house beside McTernans, which brightens up that stretch of buildings.

And up at Andrew Cross's Centra they have done a major refurb, about which we will be writing in detail over the next week (there's an 's' missing, by the way, on the sign).

Finally, though they're not yet so noticeable, the window boxes for Kilcullen in Bloom 2018 are now in place, and we should see colour sprouting any day.

Generally, all good. Well done to all those responsible for the positives.

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