Sunday, June 03, 2018

Janice Witherspoon is next An Tearmann storyteller

The next storytelling event in An Tearmann will be Tuesday 12 June, when Janice Witherspoon will be the guest of the Triple Spiral Storytellers, writes Brian Byrne.

Belfast-based Janice's stories are suitable for all ages, and the theme of the evening will be 'Spring into Summer'. Her own storytelling interests centre around her Celtic heritage and the environment.

Janice began telling stories when working as a tour guide in the 1990s, before she moved to Scotland to work in gardens, continuing her storytelling there at festivals.

After training with the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College, and a period telling stories to children's groups visiting a community garden, she has since worked as a professional storyteller.

"My love of nature has led me to include tales of the seasons, trees and flowers and I have co-led a storytelling club for children exploring nature with stories," she says. "I write my own stories and tell some autobiographical tales too. I enjoy using story to build community and connection and believe that as well as entertaining, storytelling can be a powerful transformative tool."

As usual on the night, An Tearmann will be open from 7pm and storytelling starts at 7.30pm. As usual, a donation of €5 opens a magical door to imagination and entertainment. Further information from Tim Ditchburn at 087 7267669.

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