Wednesday, May 09, 2018

'Kilcullen 700' meeting tonight, all welcome

A working group and committee to manage the proposed Kilcullen 700 celebration year will be formed at tonight's public meeting on the initiative, writes Brian Byrne.

This follows a very successful recent first meeting where the concept was explored and an initial list of ideas for the year was generated.

The project will mark the 700th anniversary of the building of the first bridge across the Liffey here, effectively establishing a previously forded crossing point as the focus of a new and important settlement.

"Almost 30 people attended the first meeting and there was general support for making 2019 a year of celebration," says Noel Clare. "Most of those in attendance expressed an interest in being involved in some way of making this happen."

A number of other people had sent apologies at being unable to attend, but also registered their interest.

Coincidentally, 2019 will also be celebration years for Kilcullen GAA, Halverstown NS, and the Kilcullen Scouts.

"It was suggested that all community events for the year, whether regular or once-off, should be incorporated in a Calendar for the year," says Noel. "And that where possible, events during 2019 should reflect in some way the 700 years."

It was also generally agreed that a focus on the Kilcullen of today be included, as a much more diverse town with many nationalities.

Tonight's meeting in the Town Hall will start at 8.30pm, and everybody is welcome. "There's a certain urgency to move this forward quickly, as we need to look for some funding from Kildare County Council," Noel Clare adds.