Sunday, October 15, 2017

Presentation to Miriam to mark 50 years of helping pilgrims

A bouquet of flowers was presented at yesterday's Coffee Morning in the Heritage Centre to Miriam McDonnell, Nursing Director of the Annual Lourdes Oblate Pilgrimage, by Frances Clare.

Miriam has been helping to bring pilgrims to Lourdes for 50 years and at the most recent Oblate Pilgrimage in September she was presented with the Inaugural McGonigle Medal in special recognition of this outstanding service.

This year over 100 'guests', or assisted pilgrims, travelled with the Oblates to Lourdes including a large contingent from Kilcullen, some of them from the Curragh Lawn Nursing Home, others from the wider community.

Along with helpers, many of whom have been travelling for many years continuously, over 400 people joined in the six day pilgrimage.

Over €700 was raised on the coffee morning and the organisers would like to thank all who attended and supported in any way through donations, baking, working on the morning and more.

(Report and pictures by Noel Clare.)