Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Protest on Defence Forces wages planned

A protest against poor wages in the Defence Forces will be held at the Curragh Camp on Thursday 20 April, writes Brian Byrne.

The protest is one of a series organised by the Wives & Partners of the Defence Forces, an organisation set up last November by families of Defence Forces personnel in the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service.

Participants are asked to assemble at the Church Car Park in the Camp, at 12 noon. The protest is scheduled to last for two hours, and all who support the issue are welcome to attend.

The WPDF has been highlighting the fact that many such families are dependent on family income supplement because the soldiers’ pay is so low.

There have been reports of personnel sleeping in their cars after duty in barracks distant from their homes because they can’t afford the petrol to drive home and back the next day.

The WPDF was formed because Defence Forces personnel can’t join a trade union, can’t go on strike or protest themselves, and are restricted from contact with their elected representatives.

The WPDF Facebook page has more than 800 members, mostly women.