Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cover that trailer!

Kildare County Council is to be asked to enforce regulations that trailers of refuse on the road be covered, writes Brian Byrne.

The matter came up at the recent meeting of Kilcullen Community Action which heard reports of uncovered trailers regularly going through the town, with plastic bags and other material being blown off the trailers.

Oxigen, which operates the Amenity site at Siliott Hill for KCC, says it is a requirement of its EPA licence 14-1 that vehicles such as pickup trucks, trucks, skip lorries, and trailers, taking waste into or out of the site, be covered by either a net or a tarpaulin, and securely tied down.

"If vehicles are presented without a cover, we regret that we will have to refuse its entrance to the site," the company says clearly on its website, "until such a time as it is covered adequately."