Sunday, May 15, 2016

Inaction on school traffic is 'negligence and outrage'

If there’s a fatality near Scoil Bhride because of traffic congestion and ‘perilous hazards’ faced by children trying to enter or leave the school, Kildare County Council and public representatives will ‘have to answer questions’, writes Brian Byrne.

That’s the warning expressed in an extremely strong letter to the Council and all local representatives this week, sent by Principal Anne Flanagan on behalf of the 650 pupils and over 50 staff of Scoil Bhríde, as well as parents.

The letter expresses ‘outrage and absolute disappointment’ that nothing has been done to remedy the situation, despite representations to public representatives, the Council, and its Road Safety Officer.

“The local Residents Association, via our Parents Association, has also highlighted the issue,” the letter notes. “Photographs have been taken, a lot of publicity raised and worries expressed. All parties agree there is a serious hazard present and something needs to be done urgently — but then nothing happens.”

Ms Flanagan says that at this stage a solution needs to be found by Kildare County Council and acted on as a matter of extreme urgency. “Should an accident happen, or, God forbid, a fatality, further questions will have to be answered by Kildare County Council and public representatives who have been repeatedly called upon to act and fulfil their public duty.”

Saying that the Council and public representatives are ‘extremely negligent’ in allowing this situation to continue, the Principal says the school is not awaiting just another response, but expects action on resolving the ‘critical safety issue’ outside the school.

“We anticipate prompt and speedy initiatives to remedy this hazardous and potentially life threatening situation,” she concludes, emphasising that there must be be ‘no further excuses or time delays’.