Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Library online services expand

Some changes to our newly-painted Library (doesn't it look great?) include new access through the service's internet system to books in the four councils of Dublin and Wexford libraries, writes Brian Byrne.

It means that titles which may not be available in the Kildare network can be ordered from the other counties and will be delivered to Kilcullen when available.

"We have just got the expanded system up and running, and while there may be a few teething glitches experienced as we go on, it does mean an enhancement of the service to our customers," says Kilcullen's Librarian Julie O'Donoghue.

Julie also notes that there's a current amnesty for overdue or forgotten books, until 17 July. Any returned by that date will not incur penalties, which are now at 30c a week per item.

There's no charge for Library membership, and members may now borrow up to 12 items at a time.