Monday, July 06, 2015

Love letters in Vincent's

A love story from the 1930s had an amazing sequel in the Vincent's Shop in Kilcullen this afternoon, courtesy of Ray Darcy's radio programme on RTE Radio 1, writes Brian Byrne.

The programme was talking with a staff member of the shop about a number of love letters found in the leaves of a book handed in last week. The letters, between 'Willie' and 'Maureen' were discovered by Pat Molloy, who works at the shop.

"They were in a book on amateur photography, and since I'm interested in photography I flicked through the book and found the letters," Pat said today as the programme was being broadcast in an effort to find the owner.

Before the broadcast ended, Liam Walker from Nicholastown arrived in, saying that the letters were written by his late parents. "We have a box of them at home, though I've never read any of them," he told the Diary. Liam had been tipped off about the broadcast by his wife Peggy, who was listening as she drove home and arrived at the shop just before him.

The six letters provided both a personal background to the two people, Maureen working in Halverstown on the Purcell family farm and Willie in Jockey Hall in Brownstown on The Curragh, as well as local stories of happenings around them.

As to how the letters ended in the photography book, Liam thinks that somebody may have been smoothing them out prior to putting them in an album along with other family memorabilia. "They might still be there only that we recently did a clear out at home, and the book was in some stuff that we gave to the Vincent's," he says.

Liam and Peggy are pictured above (on right) with shop manager Maureen Middleton and Pat Molloy.