Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Demand in Kilcullen for social housing

A high number of representations from Kilcullen about the need for social housing here has caused Cllr Mark Wall to meet specifically with officials in Kildare County Council about the matter, writes Brian Byrne.

Cllr Wall, the Labour candidate in the upcoming general election for Kildare South, says the need in Kilcullen is 'urgent', and is reflected across Kildare South, especially in Kildare Town and Athy.

In a statement, he says the Council must get back to building housing stock itself, but in the meantime all other ways of providing social housing must be used.

In particular, Cllr Wall says that the voluntary housing sector may be an area where the Council can cooperate to provide housing. He has put down a motion asking whether the authority is in negotiations with any of these voluntary bodies to build houses in the area or indeed to further enter into lease agreements with them to secure social housing.

He says the Council needs to 'think outside the box' to find ways to provide family homes now.