Friday, January 08, 2021

CPC: 'A difficult start to the new year'

Following the coronavirus restrictions on schools announced by the Government on Wednesday, Cross and Passion College is finalising plans and will communicate them to parents through the usual channels, writes Brian Byrne.

Principal Joe Leonard told the Diary that 'it is a difficult start to the new year, but I remain hopeful that we can come through this together'. Up to yesterday lunchtime, schools had not received communication from the Department, he said, and he was hoping that 'further clarity' would be forthcoming.

He said the plans announced through the media were 'far from straightforward'. "They raise many serious challenges to the school community ... I share the concerns of students, parents and staff." Mr Leonard said 'a lot of work is going on behind the scenes'.

His comments were made in advance of last night's decision by the Government to roll back on plans for Leaving Cert students to attend school three days a week.

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