Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Infill thoughts for next Christmas lights

Picking small infill areas for the provision of specific Christmas lights may be considered by Kilcullen Community Action next year, writes Brian Byrne.

This follows the successful 2019 lights which were widely complimented across the community.

KCA chair Ann Cashman expressed her thanks for all concerned in the lights over the Christmas season, noting the contribution of individuals, businesses, and Kildare County Council with the finding.

She also cited the work of volunteer KCA members and the CE workers in installing the lights. "I think the town looked absolutely amazing," she said.

Saying that there was a great deal of goodwill towards the project, she said the contribution of the business community was very supportive.

"We spent above and beyond what was provided by the Council, buying new pieces. The businesses came up well to help bridge the gap."

Noel Clare referred to how well some particular areas looked, such as the lights at the back of the Town Hall. "Maybe we should pick little areas like that next year, it nearly has a bigger effect," he said.

Eoin Houlihan said the bridge lights looked particularly well from the New Abbey Road, especially with the special lights installed for the end of the Kilcullen 700 celebrations.

Noel Clare told the meeting that those lights will be lit on special occasions and times during the year.

Complimenting the local contractor who had installed them, he said 'we can have any colours under the sun' with the system.

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