Monday, July 02, 2018

CPC gets next extension details

Cross and Passion College has been given details of the level of extra accommodation which will be provided in the next round of secondary school extension builds from the Department of Education, writes Brian Byrne.

The news is equally good for the Patrician Post Primary School in Newbridge, and in addition to the extension notified to the Athy KWETB College last month, represents 'significant progress' on the matter, according to Deputy Martin Heydon, who has worked closely with the managements of the relevant schools and pushed their cases with the Minister for Education.

“The extensions at Kilcullen and Athy will provide increased capacity in line with increasing local demand," Deputy Heydon says. Patrician Post Primary has continued to take additional numbers over the last few years, such was the level of demand in the Newbridge area. This extension will greatly improve the educational experience for students and staff in Patricians as well as Kilcullen and Athy."

The deputy emphasised that the campaign for a new third level school in Kildare South 'isn't going away'. "But I believe our best way of achieving that is to get the proposed extensions progressed as soon as possible."

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