Saturday, May 12, 2018

It was murder ... but whodunnit?

There was a murder in the Town Hall last night, writes Brian Byrne. That wasn't a surprise, in fact it had been announced …

Introducing the play 'A Murder is Announced', director Evelyn O'Sullivan noted that for most of the cast, this was only their second time to tread the boards in front of an audience in a proper theatre.

It was great from the start. And though I had to leave just after the murder had happened, it was with regret, and I intend to see the second half at another time if I can.

This is not a review, just a shout out to a group of adults who bravely decided to get in on Evelyn's Drama Dynamics inaugural adult acting classes a couple of years ago and who have now blossomed to form another layer of dramatic entertainers in Kilcullen.

Let's namecheck them — Emer Byrne, Eoin Houlihan, Margaret Fitzgerald, Esther Kiely, Beatrice Meaney, Paula Meehan, Mary Murphy, Ray Kelly, John Acton, and Owen O'Sullivan. Bravo, all.

We have so much here now, with the grand masters of the Kilcullen Drama Group, the various schools and other young people's groups, including those in CPC, Evelyn's pupils, and those in other speech and drama schools in the area.

Brilliant, really. More on this production if I see it in completion, but the pictures give you the flavour, and also some of those who were entertained. And if you weren't there, it's on again tonight, Saturday.