Thursday, May 03, 2018

Feel the Fear ... and Do It Anyway

A Kilcullen woman who was thrust into 'job-hopping' mode after being made redundant has opened a new business in Kilcullen aimed at teaching people how to not let fear hold them back, writes Brian Byrne.

Sarah Kavanagh always had good jobs in good organisations, but also had the feeling that there should be something more.

When she was made redundant, she had to face the fear of being jobless for a time. A chance reading of a book that had been a best seller for more than 30 years changed her attitude and her life.

The book was 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Dr Susan Jeffers. "This book didn’t so much pick me up, as instantly elevate me," she says. "As I ploughed through the pages ... I was hooked from the very beginning. So much of what was written resonated with me, and better still – offered an alternative way to 'be' in this world. I could connect with it not only from the perspective of my recent redundancy experience, but also in relation to other aspects of my life."

To make a long story short, Sarah has taken up the business of teaching people the same things that Dr Jeffers espoused. She has joined a global network of qualified instructors sharing what she calls the 'life-changing' principles of Dr Jeffers.

The workshops are based on helping people overcome limiting beliefs, empowering them to cope with challenges, enabling them to conquer self-doubt and fear, and to make decisions that will improve their lives.

Full details of the course are on her website.

Worth a look. All you have to lose is your fear ...