Friday, April 13, 2018

UPDATE: Electricity outages planned for next week will include weekend

ESB Networks.
Planned electricity outages in Kilcullen next week are to run through the weekend, writes Brian Byrne.
The outages for 'urgent work' will be through the town over a number of days, and have already given rise to concerns amongst businesses.

The Diary has asked for a full schedule of the outages, and ESB Networks promised to revert to the request 'within two working days'. UPDATE on Thursday 19th, it never came.

Notice has been given to the Link Park customers of an outage for all day on Thursday 19 April, while the Nicholastown end of Kilcullen will have supply interrupted on Friday 20 April, both from 9am. And residents on Main Street have been given notice of outages on Sunday 22 April.

Jane Russell, who operates a sausage-making business in the Link Park, says no power will mean no production and trying to get Thursday's work done earlier in the week. She said she has been told that there will be 'rolling' outages through all of Kilcullen. "I'm struggling to understand how ESB Networks can shut down businesses during the week — we have already lost so many days due to the weather."

Nichola Kennedy, who hadn't received any notification up to yesterday, said any such outage will mean having to close for the day, as all the practice's equipment needs electricity. "We've had too many days closed this year already," she added, also referencing the difficulties during the bad snow period.

Under the ESB Networks 'Service Guarantees', just two days notice is required for a planned outage for maintenance work.

ESB Networks emphasises that customers should treat their electricity supply as if it were live throughout all outages. And if generators are used they must comply with ETCI Wiring Rules so that it cannot feed into the ESB Network System.

We'll update this post as more information on areas and times becomes available.