Sunday, February 11, 2018

More trees coming down in The Valley

Last year a tree which fell into the river blocked most of it, close to the boardwalk at the apartments in Market Square, writes Jim Collins.

Forty years ago in 1978, 12 poplar trees were planted in The Valley as part of its landscaping. Some years ago six of these trees opposite the Canoe Club were removed because of the danger to the Club and all using the river. Now the remaining six trees must be removed at the Spout end because of their height and how they are leaning over the river. The big old tree from which a section broke away last year, blocking the river, also needs to be examined as the main trunk may be rotten and this tree may also need to be removed.

Some months ago I sent out a postal appeal asking for donations towards the cost of this work. The subscribers to date are Geraldine and Tony Gahan, Berney’s Chemist, Anne and Vincent Nolan, Comer Bros Ltd, Firestop Ltd, Gary Collins Kilcullen Dental Practice, Kilcullen Community Centre Ltd, Ray de Courcy, Jim and Nuala Collins, Brendan O’Connell, and Kilcullen Family Practice. A number of those written to have not yet responded.

Half of the finance needed has been received, which will be in the region of €2,500. If you care about the beauty of the river and The Valley, please send a donation to Jim Collins, Millstone House, made out to 'Valley A/C Bank of Ireland'. The list of subscribers and the total amount raised, together with a detailed costing of the project, will be published in the coming months.

The low bushes and the tree at the river’s edge of the Credit Union garden have recently been removed under the supervision of Noel Clare and the local community workers, which has improved the appearance of the entire area.

The tree fellers will commence work on Monday 26 February, and during the process The Valley will be closed to the public.