Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Co Housing Group's 'frustration'

All state departments are being asked to look at their land holdings in the Kilcullen area to see if they have a suitable location for a co-housing initiative, writes Brian Byrne.

Two sites which the Kilcullen Co Housing Group had hoped might be available were subsequently found not to be so — a site at Mountain View in Athgarvan had adjoining land issues, and one at Avondale in Kilcullen is currently under lease to a local club.

The Group has had discussions recently with Deputy Martin Heydon and Cllr Ivan Keatley, who are both 'exhausting different avenues' and asking all state departments for possible land availability in the area.

"We are playing a waiting game at the moment in terms of identifying a site," the Group says in a Facebook update. "Kildare County Council simply do not have anything to give to us at the moment we are told, any lands they do have will be used to clear their own housing list, which is understandable. Cllr Joanne Pender is in the process of obtaining the list of all lands owned by KCC for us to have a look at."

The Group says it is a 'very frustrating situation' but will 'plough on', and has expressed appreciation for the help and support of the local representatives.

The Group has had a number of meetings already, which were well attended. In addition to assessing the level of interest in an initiative, the participants were given information from a similar and successful initiative in Dublin.