Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Parking issue 'needs to be addressed'

Kilcullen Community Action plans to do a survey of available parking spaces in the town, and how they are used, writes Brian Byrne.

The issue came up strongly at last week's presentation on the redevelopment of the market square, and Noel Clare of KCA said it is an issue that 'has to be addressed'.

He noted that there is a lot of parking space, but 'people don't know where it is'. "We have no signs indicating where there is parking, and that is a concern for motorists visitors and for businesses."

A comprehensive survey would establish what public parking spaces there are, and what are the parking habits of local people as well as the needs of visitors. This would form the basis for an overall parking plan for Kilcullen.

Noel Clare noted that there is already a sub-committee of KCA examining signage needs for the town, and this will include indicating parking areas.

NOTE: Parking has been an issue raised many times since the Diary was established in 2005 ... and probably before. It's time to bite the bullet.