Thursday, July 06, 2017

Agreement reached with Comers on flowers, Christmas lights

Kilcullen Tidy Towns will manually water the hanging basket flower displays on Hillcrest for the rest of the summer, pending the implementation of an agreement with property owners Comer Properties on the installation of an automatic watering scheme for next year, writes Brian Byrne.

An agreement was also reached on the Christmas lights programme for the end of the year.

This follows a meeting held at Palmerstown House, offices of Comer Property Management on Monday 3 July. In attendance were Eoin Houlihan, Ray Kelly and Noel Clare of Kilcullen Tidy Towns, along with Kyle Denning and Robert Hickey from Comer Properties. The meeting was consequent on Kilcullen Tidy Towns having to dismantle an automatic watering system a couple of weeks ago.

At the meeting, which was at the invitation of Comer Properties, it was agreed that consideration would be given to fit a more permanent watering system for 2018. This will happen in consultation between Comer Property Management and Kilcullen Tidy Towns and the works will be carried out by Comer Property Management. A water supply for this will have to be arranged and the cost referred to Comer Property Management.

Kilcullen Tidy Towns agreed to provide details of procedures for testing, filling and draining of this watering system.

Comer Property Management have also agreed to install the Christmas lights and the required brackets. This will be done in November and Kilcullen Tidy Towns will supply preferred dates for the installation.

A more open and transparent form of communication between Comer Property Management and Kilcullen Tidy Towns was also agreed.