Thursday, June 01, 2017

World Vision fundraiser in Brannockstown this month

The late Pastor Robert Dunlop in Brannockstown Baptist Church.
An afternoon of Midsummer Melodies at La Touche Cottage in Brannockstown on 17 June will raise funds for the World Vision charity, writes Brian Byrne.

Entertainment will include music and poetry presented by the local and wider community, and the afternoon will be suitable for all ages and tastes.

La Touche Cottage was the home of the late Pastor Robert Dunlop, who was one of the founders of World Vision Ireland in 1983.

In an article in the current Bridge Magazine, his daughter Julie recalls how it was Robert Dunlop's strong social conscience and deep empathy for the marginalised that brought to be involved in a number of humanitarian organisations, but World Vision held a 'special place in his heart'.

World Vision is the largest privately-funded NGO in the world, with over 40,000 staff working in more than a hundred countries, much of their work in Africa. A global network of disaster response experts are employed to assess the impact of each disaster, plan the response and be on the ground within 24 to 72 hours afterwards.

"World Vision's Christian identity underpins everything they do, and they are a great example of an organisation who are committed to following the teaching and example of Jesus in his identification with those who are poor, vulnerable or forgotten," Julie concludes her article.

Pastor Robert Dunlop, who died in 2014, held his last personal fundraiser for World Vision with a Garden Party at La Touche Cottage in 2008.

The event on 17 June takes place between 2pm and 5pm. All welcome.