Thursday, May 04, 2017

Crash in Kilcullen: was it robbery related?

This was the scene of a traffic incident in Kilcullen earlier this evening, on the Curragh Road side of the traffic lights, writes Brian Byrne.

Gardai and ambulance personnel attended, but inquiries to Naas Garda Station suggests there were no casualties.

The Garda declined to comment on reports that a vehicle involved was a stolen car. But local people heard sirens and saw the Garda helicopter in the area, and students doing sports training on the Kilcullen GAA training pitch report seeing a number of men climbing from a window in Cross and Passion College around the time of the incident.

We'll post further details if any information comes through. The picture above was taken by Neysha Kelly around 8pm.

(Correction: This post has been amended to more accurately describe the eyewitnesses doing the training, and revise the name of the photographer, given further information.)