Friday, April 07, 2017

Progress on street signs for Kilcullen

Old signs, some of which point in wrong direction.
Proper street signs are getting closer for Kilcullen following a survey of places where they might be placed, writes Brian Byrne.

Noel Clare told the recent meeting of Kilcullen Community Action that there had been a ‘walkaround’ of the area and photos taken of suitable sites for the signs.

The next stage is to decide on the names of some of the roads, which are known by a number of different ones. For instance, the road east from the traffic lights is known as Chapel Road, Milemill Road, and Dunlavin Road.

It was suggested that a public meeting could be held in May to show Kilcullen residents the options and come to a consensus. No date was set.

A Kildare County Council grant to KCA has been allocated to the provision of signage.