Friday, April 07, 2017

Parking fines on the way to offenders

Gardai in Kilcullen have logged a number of parking violations in the last couple of weeks, and vehicle owners will be receiving fixed penalty notices in due course, writes Brian Byrne.

The recent meeting of Kilcullen Community Action was told that particular attention had been paid to specific areas where parking on double yellow lines is a regular problem, and often disrupts traffic flow.

During the discussion, concerns were raised that there might be a backlash against the group from businesses, for highlighting the illegal parking issue. But it was noted that members were regularly asked if something could be done about disruptive parking, and that there is plenty of legal parking space in the town. Specifically, residents of Hillcrest and the general public who get caught up in traffic jams along the street have also raised the issue with the Garda.

A photograph was shown of an SUV parked on the footpath one night this week, on the far side of the road from Bardons. It was there for two hours, and made it impossible for anyone with a buggy to pass on the footpath.

Gardai don’t place notices on cars, but note the details of offences and put the penalty notice system in train.

The County Litter and Parking Warden has also asked for a meeting with KCA and this will be taking place on Monday.

ED Note: There seems to be sometimes a confusion about what double yellow lines mean. They mean no parking at any time. And they are placed by Kildare County Council and the National Roads Authority for road safety and safe traffic management.