Wednesday, April 12, 2017

'Don't leave rubbish outside shop' — Vincents shop

An appeal has been made by the Vincents charity shop for people to NOT leave items outside the shop when it is closed, writes Brian Byrne.

These photographs show a collection of old children’s buggies and other equipment which were left overnight behind the bins left out for collection last week.

“The items look like they were in a shed somewhere for a long time, and were simply not suitable for recycling through the shop,” says manager Maureen Middleton. “They should have been brought directly to the waste facility at Silliot Hill, even if that would have meant paying a charge.

“As it is, we have to pay for disposal of useless stuff like this, and leaving it behind the uncollected bins could have looked like we were the ones trying to get the refuse service to take it.”

The shop has clear signage asking people not to leave donated items outside the shop when it is closed.