Sunday, January 08, 2017

More news on that dumped bed

We have further details on that bed dumped in Sunnyhill, writes Brian Byrne.

A local resident says it was from a high-top white van with a roll-up rear door (Ed Note: wearing my hat as a vans magazine publisher, that sounds like a box body crew-cab rather than a panel van) and two men dumped the bed at 5.45pm last Thursday. Our correspondent had to drive around the parked van at the time, but didn’t notice the bed until later.

A registration plate appears to be a ’53’ UK one, which would designate the van as a late 2003 vehicle, and our correspondent notified the Garda in Naas.

The lane, which leads to the ESB sub-station and a residence, was previously blocked when someone tipped a trailer-load of rubbish there.

As a general note, this is the time of year when guys with vans often call offering to clear out a home’s rubbish for a fee. Please don’t use them, as this is what happens to your stuff.

And while we’re still on the litter wagon, Pat Kelly from Bishop Rogan Park has posted this picture on Facebook of the ‘annual Christmas present’ to the community there of a dumped box of empty bottles. Pat has kindly taken them to where the original owner should have, the bottle bank at the Cattle Mart.

And Louise O’Gorman writes that as a resident of Castlemartin she and her neighbours have to regularly clean up rubbish thrown over the wall from the road outside — takeaway wrappers, plastic bottles, glass bottles. “It’s disgusting,” she writes. “I have no choice but to clear it each time, as I have young kids who play out there.”