Sunday, January 08, 2017

Lost your bed?

Not wanting to start off the year with a grumble, writes Brian Byrne, but I suppose it's too much to hope that the bed and mattress above fell off someone's car and they're still looking for it?

Gave the bike its first outing of 2017 yesterday and saw that on the Sunnyhill Road. I know, it's expensive to get rid of a bed at Silliot Hill (paid to dispose of one there myself recently), but if you've changed your old Odearest set you'll have forked out the guts of €800 or so, and it wouldn't hurt our local environment if you disposed of the old one properly.

So look, you know where it is now … maybe drop by and retrieve it? (Who do I think I'm kidding?)

It's the time of the year with all the growth gone that on a bike you really see how filthy passing motorists are. The verges and hedges are full of cans, burger wrappers, plastic bottles, even a dumped baby's bottle I saw when I dismounted to have a closer look.

Depressing, yeah. But it's hard to ignore.