Tuesday, November 01, 2016

New peak for Diary

The number of page views of Kilcullen Diary exceeded 81,000 in the month of October, writes Brian Byrne.

That's the latest record in what seems to be a continuing growth trend that surprises even your editor, whose more than four decades in journalism has rather inured me to all sorts of statistics.

Still, it merits a big 'thank you' to all my Kilcullen readers, and contributors whether by sending in news and photographs or by being the subjects of news and features. And of course to the Diary's advertisers, who help to fund the not inconsiderable amount of time and effort involved.

For comparison, five years ago, the viewership for the same month was 24,122, and last year it was 46,647.

A Kilcullen Diary was established in January 2005.