Friday, September 30, 2016

Great start to SWL campaign.

Wednesday 28 September saw the commencement of the Southwest League for Kilcullen Badminton Club, writes Enda O'Neill, and what a great start the club had.

There has been a slight rule change for the mens and ladies doubles in the Southwest League. In the new rules every player on a team must play with each other, this rule now means that there are two extra games to be played.

Kasi Vallinayagam’s Grade 5 Men’s 4 team were first out playing away to Kildare CWMS, the KBC outfit were determined to get off to a good start in their first season together. The Grade 5 KBC men managed to beat Kildare on their home turf 5-1. Well done to Kasi, Ben Phelan, Oisin Egan and Ross Cole. Ross joined the club this season after playing with us in the summer club and it was a great start to his KBC adventure.

Congratulations also to Ben Phelan who is also a member of Kilcullen G.A.A, Ben is a squad member of both the winning Reserve E and Junior A Championship teams. Ben is off to Amsterdam with Kilcullen G.A.A on Friday 7 October to represent his club and county (well according to Ben its ten miles outside the city, yeah right!!). KBC would like to wish him and the Kilcullen football team the very best of luck in the championship. A big holler from one Kilcullen team to another “COME ON THE RAGS”!

Olivier P. Valroy and his Grade 7 Mens team had a home fixture againist Kildare’s Grade 7 outfit. Olivier and the lads managed to get a 3-3 draw against a strong Kildare team. This is a good start for the lads who are also a newly formed team and had two players playing competitivly for the first time. The first of these was Sean “slippers” Mc Grath, Sean isn’t just a good badminton player, he is also the lead vocalist of a fantastic band called “Wairwe Land” and I would seriously recommend seeing them in a venue near you
The team would like to thank Harry Murphy who subbed for the team, this was also Harrys first competitive match and he also played a stormer. Im sure the two lads will do great this year under the expericenced and watchful eyes of Olivier and Stephen Kennedy. Well done to Olivier P. Valroy, Harry Murphy, Sean Mc Grath and Stephen Kennedy.

Now that the season kicks off the club will be using the Community Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays for their club nights from 9pm until 11pm. We also will play on Friday nights from 9pm for our home matches. Of course all are still welcome to come and play on our club nights and watch on our match nights and cheer us on. Did I mention the complex committee have installed two new kitchens with those fancy taps that gives you instant boiling water, it makes it very handy to make a cup of tea or coffee!