Saturday, July 16, 2016

Call for public submissions on use of Curragh Plains

Submissions from the public on the use and management of the Curragh Plains can be made to the Department of Defence before a work programme on the matter is finalised, writes Brian Byrne.

Such submissions can be made by contacting Fred Bradley at the Department of Defence HQ in Newbridge.

The recently established Curragh Forum will be having its next meeting on Tuesday next to review progress on the development of the work programme.

The Forum was set up following recommendations by Deputy Martin Heydon to the then Minister for Defence, Simon Coveney. It comprises representation from all those with managerial and operational responsibility for the Curragh Plains.

“The forum has the possibility to examine the future potential of the Curragh Plains while protecting its unique heritage and recreational qualities,” the Deputy said while encouraging public submissions. “As well as improving management of the plains it is hoped that the forum will address the ongoing issues on the Curragh that are a frustration for those who live on the plains or who use them on a regular basis.”

Pictured is one aspect of the military heritage of the Curragh, the remains of the training trenches used while preparing soldiers for fighting in WW1. (Brian Byrne/Kilcullen Diary.)