Friday, February 26, 2016

Sabina and friends join the Big C Choir

It's a little ahead, but there's going to be a local involvement in a performance by the Big C Choir at the Curragh Church on Friday 6 May, writes Brian Byrne.

Sabina Reddy, Pat Kelly and Mary Gallagher Tuohy have got involved with the choir and will be taking part in the performance, which is in aid of St Brigid's Hospice.

"The Choir sing in four-part harmony and sound brilliant," says Sabina, "so it will be a good night."

The Big C Choir was started by two cancer survivors and comprises mostly people from County Kildare. It had its first concert in 2012.

Founding member Christina O'Connell was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. She says she was always involved with music, and when things got bad with the cancer it was always family and music that got her through.

With more than 32 members, mostly cancer survivors and people in treatment, the Choir has already raised some €17,000 for the Irish Cancer Society.

Put 6 May in your diary.