Friday, February 12, 2016

Fiona's FG campaign rolls in to town

The Fiona McLoughlin Healy election campaign rolled into Kilcullen this morning, love-bombing all in their path on the run-up to St Valentine's weekend, writes Brian Byrne.

The FG candidate based in Newbridge has a lot of Kilcullen connections, married as she is to Dr Bernard Healy, and by that matter very tied into the local Berney clan.

After 'watering the troops' in An Tearmann, the group headed up town to the Parish Centre, where — among others — the candidate met with Mary Maguire and Peg Burke.

Her Kilcullen 'campaign manager' Bernard Berney kept the introductions going, emphasising that a significant number of No 1s in Kilcullen would be needed to maintain Fiona's momentum.

Fiona herself said she has a 'good reach' in Newbridge already, but it's understandably more difficult outside the town. She also has to contend with a certain perceived complacency in her base. "I have a lot of support, but they'll have to come out and vote," she told the Diary.

If she comes knocking on your door today, give her a Kilcullen welcome.