Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Cllr raising traffic safety matter

Addressing what the Diary has considered to be a glaring Kilcullen safety issue for several years, Cllr Billy Hillis has a motion down for the next Naas Municipal District meeting, writes Brian Byrne.

The councillor is asking that consideration be given and a costing provided for introducing a filter right turning traffic light at the cross roads at The Hideout. to facilitate traffic coming from the south to turn right onto the R413 Dunlavin Road.

Such a right turn has been fraught with danger of a direct collision with oncoming traffic since the last time the lights were re-purposed, and a number of pleas for the filter to be provided have been refused, on grounds that it couldn't be provided in the existing lights system.

In another motion, Cllr Hillis asks the council works with Camphill Community Kilcullen and marks car parking spaces on their site, in light of the pressure of the facility’s experiences of public parking there.