Saturday, November 14, 2015


Drivers using the new 4-way Stop system at Milemill MUST STOP at all roads, writes Brian Byrne.

It is NOT a 'rolling stop' exercise. I spent some time there this morning and in the afternoon, and a significant proportion of vehicles just sailed blithely through the junction.

That's not just dangerous. It's illegal. Just because you see that there's nothing already stopped at any of the roads, doesn't mean you don't have to stop.

It's a minimum of three penalty points and an €80 fine if you fail to stop the vehicle.

The 4-way Stop system is very unusual in Ireland, but there have been a number of such junctions

So how are we supposed to operate our cars through it? Well, in general where such crossings are common — in the US, Canada and South Africa, for instance —the vehicle that arrives at the junction first (AND STOPS) has right of way. If all vehicles arrive at much the same time, then we're supposed to give traffic approaching from our right the first chance to go through.

Below is a relevant extract from the RSA Rules of the Road, which doesn't refer directly to 4-way Stop, but does deal with 'equal importance' roads at a junction.

Read it, but then always use the one most important rule, common sense. Be careful, be courteous, be aware.

'If you are at a junction where the roads are of equal importance, the traffic on your right has right of way. You must let that traffic pass before moving on. It is important to understand that the right of way is not an absolute right. You must proceed with caution while showing regard for other users of the road.'

The full chapter on dealing with junctions is here.