Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fr Raymond O'Donovan: An Appreciation

The passing of Fr Raymond O'Donovan reminds me of many French classes he gave at Newbridge College, writes Garreth Byrne.

French pronunciation is so subtle and French irregular verbs can be a mystery tour, particularly the subjunctive. I never learned to speak French in a conversational way but I can read French newspapers and magazines, and have even read a few books with the help of a fat dictionary. Being able to read train timetables or restaurant menus when visiting Normandy or Paris is a survival skill.

Fr O'Donovan taught us those golden oldie songs Frere Jacques (which is taught in English to Chinese children) and Sur le pont d'Avignon. Some Inter Cert and Leaving Certificate textbooks we had to plod through included l'Oncle Scipion et sa promesse, A l'ombre des ailes (about flying) and Pecheur d'Islande (about Icelandic fishing life) with its unforgettable final line (because he drowned) 'Il ne revint jamais'. (He never returned.) I've missed out on some vital 'accents' in that list, but can blame it on my Chinese computer.

Fr O'Donovan admired French culture and spent several summer holidays in that country. He brought groups of students to Paris and helped some to board with French families. I remember he had to cancel a trip in 1962 because of bomb explosions in French cities relating to the Algerian crisis. One day he played a tape recording in class of President De Gaulle speaking on French radio asking the people of France to unite against the violence. Here is one sentence I remember: J'appelle tous les Francais, qu'ils soient, ou ils soient, a se renuir a la France.

Adieu, Fr O'Donovan. Que le Bon Dieu te benisse. (Again, apologies for missing French accents.)