Wednesday, March 04, 2015

No St Patrick's Day Parade this year

It looks like there won't be any St Patrick's Day Parade in Kilcullen this year, as Kilcullen Scouts have no plans to organise it, writes Brian Byrne.

The Scouts inaugurated and have run the very successful parade for the last two years, but have opted out this year because they're not in a position to handle it.

"It's very disappointing," says Mischa Fekete of the Bridge Camphill Community, whose St Patrick and an accompanying 'snake' have been a popular feature among the many local business and clubs floats which entertained hundreds of Kilcullen people and visitors on each of the previous two parades.

"We had just started practicing a new drums performance to add something different to the event, but now we'll have to rethink. It would be great if another organisation or club in the town would take over the parade's operation."

Both recent parades attracted a very strong support from all clubs and other groups in Kilcullen, and last year ended with music from local bands and outside musical groups.

A plan to provide a topical film show for children after this year's parade was also in train. That may still go ahead anyhow. But there's no doubt that there will be disappointment that such a promising annual event might disappear so soon after its beginning.

"It'd be a pity for the town if it slips away," one local publican told the Diary today. "It brings people around."