Saturday, January 14, 2017

More on the 'eight to a bedroom' story

Well, not for the first time, setting out a question on the Diary has resulted in a further enlightenment on our village become bigger's heritage, writes Brian Byrne.

The story on Chris Jones being part of a construction gang living eight to a bedroom while working on Cross & Passion Convent in the 1940s hit a chord with Rita Nugent.

She remembers that the crew were working on the College refectory at the time, and were billeted not in my grandfather's Byrne's Hotel, but in Dillon's pub (now Fallons), in Nugents, and in O'Rourkes on Main Street, where Rita lived.

She was able to confirm that there wasn't availability in Byrne's Hotel at the time as my grandfather and his family were living over the pub then.

Another small piece placed in the varicoloured mosaic of Kilcullen's past.